Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Cindy

As commanded, I will dedicate this particular entry to The Cindy.
I still remember my 1st encounter with The Cindy. It was roughly in the middle of June 1999, during this thing called the The Engineering Faculty Freshmen Orientation Camp. I was a Orientation Group Leader and The Cindy was a freshman (or freshwoman?) in my good friend, Kpoh's group. So at the end of the 1st day of the camp, Me, Kpoh and Des were showcasing our fav freshmen (or freshwoman, rather) in our group. Can't remember whom Des showed but Kpoh pointed us to The Cindy, declaring her as the belle of his group.

The Cindy is Cute.

For those who wanted to know who was the one in my group, I will only say that she is a super hero. Therefore, to protect her identity, I cannot disclose her name, except that many of us know her as The Super Slut.

Anyway, back to The Cindy. That's how I got my 1st encounter with her. Then after the O' Camp, she came over to join my group for The Engineering Faculty Freshmen Orientation Week. (Its different from The Engineering Faculty Freshmen Orientation Camp, mind you) That's when I got to know her better.

I think we spend much of the initial part of friendship engaged in tele-conversations. Often into the wee hours of the morning, chatting about nothing in particular, many times talking until we fall asleep.
That is something I will never forget.

5 Things The Cindy Loves

1) The Cindy loves to swim.
2) The Cindy loves to wear bikinis.
3) The Cindy loves chocolates.
4) The Cindy loves Care bears and Smurfs.
5) The Cindy loves the rain.
6) The Cindy loves astromony and star gazing. *Added*

The Cindy is a very sweet girl (That's why so many guys like her). She is always there to receive my whining, especially so when I had just been rejected by the girls I like. She is one of the therapists I would think of whenever I am down. And she will always be there to support and comfort me.

Thanks babe.


Blogger Handsel said...

ladidadida *head swells* Thanks dude. You have been a great all these while. and I havn't wore a bikini for very long now, getting fat.

11:51 pm  
Blogger FF said...

HALOOOOOO wasn't I in your OG too? No mention whatsoever. Boooohoooo. I do admit though, I looked crap 5 yrs ago. :) Still worth at least one mention.

3:52 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

I KNEW IT!!! 1st Strawberry complained that The Cindy took her place amongst my friendship, Then FF made noise that I did an entry on The Cindy and did not say anything about her. (anybody else?)

Ok babes, relax, will definitely dedicate at least one entry to you all in the near future. =)

4:12 pm  

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