Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm back

Hi guys,

Haven't been blogging for a while, cos was a bit affected by the comments on my last blog. Anyway, now, this is more of an annoucement that I will be blogging again.

So keep your eyes on me.

Had a rather dull weekend through the holidays.

Had to go back to work on Friday (most ppl I know dun!) and Sunday (YES! SUNDAY!) so its not really a long weekend for me.

Other than that, I occupied myself with the following:

1) Played 2 sessions of majhong (won $50 in all)
1st session won $140, 2nd session lost $90. Nuff said.

2) Met up with Jade for dinner and shopping (spent $100 in all)
Spend 2 times my earnings at the majhong table, which is a bit heart pain for me. But think she enjoy herself, so I can't complain.

3) Met up with my financial advisor to talk about my plans and policies.
She is the prettiest financial advisor I know, that why I buy all my policies from her.

4) Play guitar until the cow come home.
I have no cows so I pretty much play guitar all the time I'm at home.


But its pretty much back to work now and waiting for Christmas to come.

Christmas come quick... ...


Blogger Handsel said...

yeah...u r back!
forget about what the other nameless soul commented. I didn't see the comment until you menioned it. A blog is a your space to whine/complain/scold, nameless guy has no right to bring you down like this.
Btw, i have a old old guitar which is probably moudly, if its not moudly, would you want it?

9:15 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Yes! I will gladly take the guitar! With your autograph pls?

10:39 pm  

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