Sunday, November 21, 2004


Morning! I woke up and have this obsessive compulsive feeling that I have to blog this! I am going to write a blog on what C.K.J stand for! It is as if if I dun blog this, I will die! So what does C.K.J stand for? I wrecked my brains for a whole 30mintues and I came up with the following 9 groundless, useless and meaningless definitions:

1. Carrot Kiwi Juice - Self-explanatory.
How to use: Auntie! 1 cup of C.K.J! Dun want ice!

2. Childish Kiddish Joker - Used to describe somebody who is Childish and Kiddish, and like to tell lame jokes.
How to use: That guy is such a C.K.J! So childish and bo liao. And all his jokes are so lame.

3. Chinese Kungfu Jelly - Inspired by Alex Munday's (Lucy Liu) Chinese Kungfu Muffins in Charlie's Angels I.
How to use: Just use it to throw at people... ...

4. Captain Kinky Jackass - Used to describe people who are... well... a Jackasses.
How to use: That guy is such a C.K.J! I can't stand him!

5. Cheap Kampong Jewelry - Inexpensive cosmetic Jewelry that doesn't even bother to look like the real thing.
How to use: Wah lao! You mean your Dear dear bought you this C.K.J for your birthday? He is such a cheapskate!

6. Cool Killer Jacket - Self-explanatory
How to use: Hey Dude! That's a C.K.J you are wearing!

7. Crude Kitchen Job - Poorly done job. Lousy workmanship. Sloppy effort.
How to use: If you do another C.K.J on the work I give you, you will be fired.

8. Come Kowtow to Jesus - Self- explanatory
How to use: Those who believe, C.K.J and confess your sins...

9. Chew Kuo Jiun - The One! The Only! Yours Truely! Thats me!
How to use: C.K.J is such a nice guy, C.K.J is such a wonderful guy, C.K.J is such a handsome guy, C.K.J is such a charming guy... etc. You get the idea.

Hope these definitions have been entertaining. Now that I have wrote all these down, I can go back to sleep.... .


Blogger FF said...

does jesus even know what kow tow means? :)

My gosh, you were bored today!

6:40 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Heehee... I enjoyed writing this blog... Jesus knows everything lah... Especially what is in your heart. =)

6:57 pm  

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