Thursday, September 29, 2005

Someday the Dream will End

Have you ever have this period of time when, everything seems so fine and dandy? When everything is O' so perfect and beautiful? When you thought that peace and happiness will never end?

Well, this is not one of those times for me.

This week has so far been faith testing, emotionally draining, values challenging. Frustration comes one after another, compounding on the previous impact, mounting to an impending explosion.

Thank God it did not happen... Yet.

I feel so burned out... I need a break... which actually wun be anytime soon.

King David's famous Psalms quote "Surely, goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever" - Psalms 23:6

Which sounds incredibly foreign in this practical, stress-filled, self orientated world.

LORD, teach me... to be like King David... to have a heart like his... that I will dwell in Your house forever.

Teach me not to listen to my fears... or to follow my weakness... For I am weak and a man of little faith, and lots of fears. Forgive me for not believing, not trusting and not being faithful.

Thank You, for reminding me that I am only a man, and in this fallen realm, I have something to look forward to.

Someday when the dream will end.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Need break..

A lot of frustration.

I need a break.


Emotionally drained...

Gimme a break man.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

For the record....

Me not really in the mood to blog.

But this is more for record purpose.

Events for the past week:

Monday to Wednesday went for a coaching course. "Coaching for High Performance and Development". Enjoyed it very much. Made a few new friends. Yippee.

Monday evening sent my Nokia phone for repair and changed my watch batteries. Finally!!!

Tuesday was Lynette's birthday. Can read in the earlier post.

Thursday I did 24km route march. Nearly died. Which means I didn't. Which is good.

Friday was more or less a rest day at work. Went for cell group in the evening. Felt a bit out of place there.

Saturday, I did Neutral for 3 Guards' range. Saw a happy LTC LKC. Which is a rarity. That's why I am writing it down. Shortest Range I've been in.

Sunday. Last day of SOL1. After this I can sleep in on Sunday again. Celebrated my brother's 21st birthday in the evening. The actual day is 28th Sept. But we celebrated today cos its the Sunday. Din know he got so many female friends. That's a advantage of being in ARTS faculty in NUS.

Happy birthday dude.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to our Princess!!!

Everybody's excited today. Cos Today is our beloved Cell leader's birthday!!

Happy Birthday Lynette!!!!

Heehee. I think everybody have been looking forward to this day for a very long time. We met earlier to get the card, cake and flowers for her. Then we proceed to this restuarant at Plaza Sing. (Sucks, I forgot the name of the restuarant) Its at the 5th floor of Plaza Sing, at the far left corner, next to Spotlight.

What's so special about this restuarant is that it sells antique furniture and we were sitting on those tables and chairs to have our dinner too. Too bad We are not allowed to take any pictures of the antique stuff there.

Our princess arrived at or about 7.00pm. Actually we wanted to blind-fold her outside P.S and lead her all the way there. Haha. But she refuse to play along so we just brought her there lor.

Everybody is all excited when she came. I was the one who led her there while the others waited at the restuarant. 1st up is the flowers presentation.


Very pretty hor? Both the flowers and the girl lah... Haha. Lynette is very photogenic mah. And here's a group photo before we start our dinner...

There's one more where Barnabas comes and join us later butI dun have that now. Maybe I will post it up when Yihui sends it over.

The dinner wise, it is ok lah. So so only... I think they need more variety in their menu. Effectively, their main course only got 02 x fish dish and 01 x steak n' potatoes. But their food not bad lah, especially the mushroom and cheese, quite good.

Card presentation comes next after the dinner. Card is I choose wan leh!


Not sure if you all can see the words here, it says:

Today, on your birthday,
I celebrate you.
A woman who is independent
yet sensitive to the needs of others
who is strong of her convictions
and accept the things
she cannot change with wisdom and grace
Today I celebrate you
A woman who is honest and straightforward
who is willing to listen and yet never pretend
to have all the answers
a woman who's a calming pressence in confusion,
who share kindness when comfort is called for
a gentle smile when needed most.

Sweet right? I think it describes her perfectly. That's our cell leader leh!

There would be a picture with all her presents and cake but that's also with pretty Yihui so I will post it later after I get it.

More to come later. Meanwhile, I will just end the post for now, with this:

Dearest Lynette,
You have been a great friend, sister and cell leader. Thanks for everything. May God bless you abundantly with love, joy and peace. May His guiding hand be with you always. And may you find success and happiness whatever you do.

Happy Birthday.

In His love,

Monday, September 19, 2005

Fey's Big Ben's Place

Went for this course called "Coaching for High Performance and Development" today. Its a three day course starting today and ends on Wed. Basically, its a course where people go and learn to develop coaching skills. Heehee.

I like... Cos I like people development... Helping them learn and grow and stuff like that...

Then in the evening I went to look for an old army buddy up. Fey Foo (a.k.a Faithful) was an old army buddy + mahjong khaki who left the force earlier this year. And now he is his own boss! Haha! He is now selling British pies at a booth at Parkway Parade Giant.


Why issit called Big Ben's Place? I have no idea. But there are really good pies there. I tried the Chicken Mushroom Pie first. Cos that's the one he recommended. I suppose that's his favourite too. Not bad I must say. But I think the Beef n' Cheese is the best pie I've ever tasted. Haha. Like a double cheese burger, but in a pie... and no pickles.

In addition, he got other pies like Steak n' Guiness, Chicken n' Vegetables, and also sweet pies like apple pie, strawberry pie and blueberry pie.

Really worth trying. But the place is a bit hard to find though. It's at the extreme left side once you get into Giant. Tell him you are his good friend CPT Chew intro wan... maybe he will give you a discount...

Or maybe he will ask from you the $50 I owe him... Wahaha.

No lah... I dun owe him money. And I'm sure he will offer you his best pies in the house.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mid Autumn Festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!!

First of all, I would like to say that it is the Mid Autumn Festival (中秋节) and not Moon Cake Festival (月饼节) or, even worse, Lantern Festival (灯笼节).

For Goodness sake!! It's Mid Autumn Festival lah, 中秋节 !!

Can you imagine having really Moon Cake Festival 月饼节?

Long long ago, far far away, in the Southern Province of China, there lived the Wong Brothers. On the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month, they discovered that moon cakes are actually very nice to eat. They saw the market potiential of such delicacies and decided to name that day The Moon Cake Festival, 月饼节. And for generations to come, all will eat moon cakes on that day.

Or how about having Lantern Festival 灯笼节?

Long long ago, far far away, in the Southern Province of China, there lived a bunch of kids who got nothing better to do. One day, on the 15th of the 8th Lunar month, those kids brought out their lantern to compare whose is brighter than the moon. The adults saw that this actually keep the kids occupied and keep them off their hands. Happy, they decided to call that day The Lantern Festival 灯笼节. And every year, the kids would bring lanterns out even though the moon is so bright, so that they would not disturb the adults anymore.


Pardon my nonsense.

The sky's very cloudy tonight. Cannot see the moon. This means that I cannot change to werewolf again. Sigh... At least I dun have to worry about shaving tomorrow morning.

I just installed Norton Anti-Virus... After 5 long years of using this computer. Discovered I got more than 200 viruses in my comp. Wahaha. Probably one of them is Aids.

I know I am not talking sense here.

My phone just did the most stupid thing on me. It's "on" button got stuck and I cannot on my phone anymore. Stupid Phone!!

Snow Wolf Lake

I hate it when Blogger hangs in the middle of my post and I lost half an hour of hard work to nothing. And the recover post function never work also.

Nvm, I will give it another try.

I watched 雪狼湖, a.k.a Snow Wolf Lake last night. That's right, The one with Jacky Cheung starring as the lead. Heehee. So expensive some more. $170+ for 1 ticket.


Cultural stuff leh.

Guojun level up!! [plays FF7 level up music]

Guojun's culture points +3!! Wahaha.

The date for the evening is Miss E. It all started more than 2 months ago, when she said that she wanted to watch the show (cos her idol is Jacky Cheung) but she cannot find anybody to go with her. So, being the gentleman that I am, I offered to watch with her. Plus I like Jacky Cheung also.

In return, she will be my girlfriend for one day. Wahaha.

Guojun clicks "Save as Draft" button.

As usual, she arrived 10 minutes later than the 7pm rendevous time, in a nice floral blue dress. We had Mac at the Kallang MRT before going to the Indoor Stadium. Or rather, we bought Mac and ate while I was driving there. I have the ability to eat and drive at the same time!!! Wahaha.

We arrived at the stadium at about 7.40 but by the time, the carpark is almost full. Thank God we manage to find a parking lot though it's a little far from the Indoor stadium. We went in at 8.00pm sharp and by the time we went to the toilet, found our seats and settle down, it's already 8.20pm. Heehee, whenever I see the queue outside the female toilet outside cinemas (or in this case the Indoor Stadium), I thank God that I can pee standing. Wahaha.

Guojun clicks "Save as Draft" button again.

The show starts at about 8.30. The opening was the familiar 不老的传说 followed by some upbeat songs. But then after that it gets a bit slow and draggy, redeemed only by the climatic 爱是永恒 at the ending. Overall, I felt that the story was a bit slow and was I wished Jacky had sung more. But still ok lah. Got to hear my favourite song, 爱是永恒 in its actual context.

爱是永恒 is SO going to be my wedding song! Wahaha

And for the record, Miss E really become my girlfriend for the evening, but we broke up after that. Cos she always come late when we meet. Cannot stand it. Haha.

Guojun clicks "Publish post" button.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I miss blogging

I am so behind on my blogging schedule. So many things I wanted to blog but have not due to my work committments or otherwise. Unlike some people *ahem*, I cannot blog from the office computer. Haha. Anyway, my office comp sucks, so if I blog from there will also be limited.

I think I've said before, I am blogging much less than I would like to. Maybe it's because I'm a slow typer, or I process my thoughts too slowly - usually I take about 1 to 2 hours to write a blog of decent lenght and depth.

Including distractions...

Like the Initial D vcds I am watching now.

What have I been doing this couple of weeks, besides being on Engineer Recce Course, I also went for DOTA conversion course.


Can't believe a old man like me play some kids game like DOTA now. Somemore I'm just starting to learn how to play. Wahaha. All this started because my platoon got night's off and ALL of them went to a nearby LAN (Local Area Network) to play DOTA. Curious and eager to have some bonding with them, I decided to go along.

And I been hooked ever since... Haha. No lah. Just play with my guys when we go out. Like that's what they ever do. Heehee. I have to read up on all the info and strategies. to be able to catch up with them soon. Haha.

My entry so far has been littered by "Heehees" and "Hahas". An obvious sign that I am embarressed by the fact that I am playing DOTA with the kids. What does DOTA stands for anyway? I have no idea. I only know that its part of the World of Warcraft Expansion package. Haha.

And with the game comes pet phrases like:
Guojun is Dominating!
Guojun just got a Triple Kill!!
Guojun is GODLIKE!!! Somebody stop him!

Wahaha. I can't stand myself sometimes.

That's all for now. Brb with more updates later.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Long Weekend. Part 2

Please read part 1 first.

For part one, read the previous post.

The previous post is just below this post...

Sunday was another long day. Woke up at 6am again. This time its for the AHM. Army Half Marathon.

Every year, the Army decides that everyone in it should run a half marathon.

And it is so.

I din ran the 21km lah. Cos I too weak liao. Can only run 12km.

BTW, did I mention that I was suppose to be on MC? Took out wisdom tooth mah. But some people think that teeth and legs are 2 different things. So I have to go and run.

After running, I left straight for church... for the weekly School of Leaders lessons. Session 9 liao. Next session will be the last. Then I can have some free time on Sunday as well.


After church (do I sound like a freaking organiser?) I met Barney and Jiahui for lunch. Barney stands for Banabbas. It is a full grown adult male homo sapian. And rather good looking too.

Barney had just applied for credit card and wanted to try out the Sushi Don resturant at Hotel Rendevous, cos he got discount because of the credit card. I took the Chicken Ramen. Quite good, I must say.

After that, we went to watch The Longest Yard. Nice show. I like Adam Sandler. I like Comedies. I like when people under oppression raised up and kick their oppressor in the ass, especially when the oppressors are people in authority.

Sunday night is Miss Slow's wedding dinner. Sat afternoon was the church wedding. Sunday evening was the dinner. As I dun really know any of her friends or family, I pretty much was alone. Except for one of her JC class mate which happen to be a Uni course mate of mine, J.

I sat with J and the rest of her JC classmates. I must say that this was one of the more interesting wedding dinners I have attended, with the groom singing to the bride and all. It was pretty fun.

Congrats on your marriage and all the best for your future babe!

Got home close to midnight after sending J home.

And that was my Sunday.

Maybe I will blog about Monday tomorrow.... Or maybe not....

Long Weekend. Part 1.

Long Weekend... does not mean that I got 3 days of holiday over the past 3 days.... Rather it means that I had a weekend with lotsa things to do.

Saturday morning wake up at 6am. Gotta make it at 7.30 at NTU. Helping out in the church's camp for Chinese nationals who are studying in Singapore.

I made it for 7.30, but not 80% of everyone else. Ha! I should have known. Oh well. Had to wait until almost 8am before most of the people made it. After briefing and everything, it's almost 10am before we start.

BUT, by 12noon, I had to leave for another appointment. It's my dear Miss Slow's big day!! Yup, it's her wedding day. Read the story of me and her here. Heehee. She's getting married and the groom is not me. Wahaha. But seriously, I'm really happy for her.

Really!! REALLY REALLY!!!!


Here's the pic we took at the wedding.


Hey!! Where's the groom? Groom is camera shy... Nvm, I pretend I be the groom in the picture.. But I got no tuxedo... Wahaha.

After her wedding I had to fly again. This time to church at Parkway. None of my cell group can make it on Sat. So me sat alone... Sort of... Sermon was good. I think... Need to pay more attention to what the Pastor says instead of looking at the girls in church. Haha.

After service met my good brother Ah Song for dinner. You will probably see more of his name in my blog in the future cos he's .... er.... more free now.

After dinner, went back camp to check on the guys. Sunday is AHM and everybody had to book in on Sat night. Super LOW MIKE!!!

Went home about 9 plus. Had to sleep early.

And that's my saturday.

Taking a break. Will be back with part 2 about sunday later.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The end of wisdom.

Today I lost all wisdom.

Tooth that is.

Had my first 2 taken out quite a few months back. Heehee. This time not so pain. But the nurse cannot make it. It's like she just graduated from nursing school, everything also not sure what to do. At least the dentist is good.

Suppose to have 5 days MC... but then will be going back to work tomorrow and Friday. Wasted my MC. Haha.

No picture of my rotting teeth this time. Too many people complain liao. Haha.

Oh ya, forgot to note down:
Yesterday was Miss Slow's birthday. (Happy Birthday babe!!)
The day before that is Kelvin Poh's (Happy birthday. Where you been man?)
Today is Huishan's birthday. (Your present very hard to find leh... Ya, Happy birthday also)
Tomorrow is Desmond Goh's. (Happy Birthday dude)
Cell leader's birthday is this month also. And my kid brother's.

Guys will get no presents from me. Except for my brother... Wahaha.

Kidding. Maybe the guys can find time to go out for dinner or something... Or maybe not... See how... Haha.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bye Bye Shishan

All the best and may God bless you always!

May you find joy and peace and you follow His dreams for you.

Jia You!!

We will be supporting you from back here all the way!!



Oh ya, do come back soon.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Was writing a blog on the importance of money in my life. But stupid blogger lost my post in the mist of it.

Pissed. But never mind. Shit happens. Life goes on.

Anyway, I just got attacked by blog spammers here. Added fuel to the fire of my anger. But never mind. I will just leave it. Does anybody click on those links anyway?

Kinda lost the mood to blog... But never mind... Guess I will just end here.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Not quite Initial D

Due to my hectic work schedule, and the lack of rest these few days, I went through the weekend in a semi-sedated zombie like state.

Cannot focus during church and cell group on Sat evening. I was like totally stoned during the whole time. Anyway, church service was on 5pm Saturday evening until 7pm. And after that we went to The Swensen's at Orchard Crown Prince Hotel for dinner, cos one of the cell's friend is having birthday next week and we are celebrating for him.

Was having a good time, if not for the fact that I am so zombified. And the best part is the last when we all share the big 8-scooped Earthquake. it would be greater if I could have my way of having all 8 scoops in the different chocolate favours.

Will post pictures of the Happy Cell group once I got it.
Update: Here's the picture!!!


This morning, I was in my pseudo-walking corspe mode again. Went for SOL1 (church class) in the morning with my cell leader. Was totally not concentrating. I get very moody when I dun have enough rest. I'm like a totally different person. I just sat at the class, acting very restless, playing with my handphone and drawing all over my notes . My attention span is practically zero.

I think I have Neuro-Atrustic Schizophenia.

I watched Herbie, Fully Loaded today. Not a bad show really. Initial I was reluctant to watch it cos I thought that it would be another bimbo show. But some of my friends preferred Herbie to every other show that is showing this week so we decided on.

But after all the arrangement, only Jade could make it in the last minute. I would say Herbie is a nice show about how a girl finds herself with the help of Herbie, in typical Disney style. BTW, if you all dunno, Herbie was a classic movie back in the... er... 70's? Din bother to find out all the details.

Got a bit of racing scenes, but not quite like Initial D. Heehee. Btw, I have been watch the anime of Initial D almost every night now that I stayed in at Bedok camp. The cartoon was great... Better than the movie I think.

Oh ya... I got distracted... Herbie... Nice show... Not quite Initial D... But can watch...

Friday, September 02, 2005

R & R for life

I have been really busy for the past few weeks.

I apologise for the lack of posts.

Work has taken so much of my time that blogging has become the side stage. Many a days have gone without me recording my thoughts, actions and musings of the day.

Actually, this past week I have not much of a thought other than work work work and work.

And minus the stuff that is not family friendy, I end up with practically nothing to blog about.

My week is something like this: Monday- work, Tuesday- work, Wednesday- work, Thursday- work, Friday- work.

I need to take more time to appreciate the more important things in life. Like my family.

In fact, I have been so caught in work and so away from home that my mother sms-ed me:

"How are you? Are you very busy? Actually we are always concern of you."

I think this is the 1st time she ever said something like that to me.

I love you, mommy.

I wished I had blogged more. Surely there is more things in my life worthy of archive each day. Otherwise, I would just be living my life going through each day without doing anything meaningful. I would just be going through the motion day in and day out.

What is my goal? What is my world view and values system? What is my motivation and fear? What are my priorities in life? What is important to me and what do I want to acheive?

Time for some reflection and re-evaluation.