Friday, April 15, 2005

R&R @ Kaoshiung, Day 1

Hmm... Seems like the previous post was not my last blog in Taiwan after all.

Am having my R&R now. At this hotel called Dragon Hotel at Kaoshiung City, which is like a million miles from everywhere. So I decide to stay in the hotel and watch TV instead. Actually opposite the hotel got a KTV lounge, but that's not my kind of place. The next best thing is the 7-11s. I took a walk around the area in the afternoon, I think there are like at least 11 x 7-11s within this 1km radius. I had my lunch and dinner from there too (bought cup noodles). The only other place worth checking out is the Kaoshiung Carrefore. It is much smaller than the one in Spore though.

Was chatting with my friend Jade over the msn last night.

Me: Eh, go read my blog leh.
Jade: u ar, everyday ask me to read your blog.
Me: Ya lor...

Jade reads my blog...

Jade: hehehhehhehhehe
Jade: ur blog alwiz abt tht ler
Jade: put smthg new lar
Me: ...

Eh... Actually I dunno what to write also. I'm writing now cos I am bored. 11 people online on my msn but every single one is either away or occupied. There is nothing good on the hotel TV now also. Am now at the hotel lobby... At least today I can blog without the pressure of the timer ticking down, cos the internet usage here is free. And there is nobody here to fight with me for the usage.

On the down side, the hotel here is quite lousy. I want to pay to watch HBO also cannot. Their TV only has Chinese speaking programs. Imagine Batman of the Future or Transformers speaking Chinese. Sianz. Will stay another day here tomorrow before I take the 9pm flight back to Spore. ETA at T1 is approximately 0130hrs.

My plan for tomorrow is this: Buy lotsa snacks, stay in hotel and watch cartoon all day long. Oh ya, remember I said the electronic stuff here is cheaper than in Spore? Well. that's crap. The stuff here is more expensive than in Spore. Ptooi! Waste my time.

Over this past 2 weeks, I have learnt nothing, except that Singapore Army men's favourite website is still As for me, other than blogging and reading other people's blog, I usually use the internet to check my email, friendster (another sg army guy favourite) and checking out good guitars and good guitar deals.

Watched Sex equals Zero on the bus to the hotel. The lead actress is SOOOOO pretty I gonna die!!!!! Anybody have any idea who she was? And when can I marry her?

Probably will be blogging again tomorrow.

Arggh!!! I want to go back now!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi friend

if you wanna continue to wait for her, at least dont one moment sms her to tell her how much you miss her and want her and another moment, sms her to scold her or to tell her you hate her la...

it's like displaying how emotionally unstable and scary you are... it will only reinforce the reasons why she does not choose to reciprocate your affections ma.

my 2 cents worth!

and ya, welcome back!


11:28 pm  
Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Marry her? Not before I do. I help you know the sister though. =p

11:01 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Sharon> I know lah...

X3P> Can. I'll take. When can I marry her sister?

12:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know?

what puzzles me most is that you know, but yet you still do it. and when you singlehandedly ruin your own chances with her, you dedicate one blog entry to blame God for being unfair and taking delight in seeing you in pain when He absolutely has no part in the mess you created.

it's clear 2 things you can do. 1) move on (we all know you cant). 2) treat her better and stop sending her hate smses and hope that through your niceness and sincerity she will come round to it.


and honestly, from all the comments i have read so far, your friends really care for you. hope you'll love yourself more too. =)


8:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprise that got me in your blog... Normally it is only about that and that...

Ya lor,Guojun, so many friends care for u and u still ... Sigh...

Anyway...I think Sharon is right...U really show her a very strong unstable emotion.It will just lead to insecurity that her or whoever will just scare to be with you...

Please don't just say u know...But do it...


10:42 pm  

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