Sunday, April 10, 2005

Back from exercise.

Well, here I am... Back from the stupid exercise. Still in Taiwan though. Will only go back to my beloved homeland next Sat.

Why is the exercise stupid, you may ask. (well, you may not but I'm going to tell you anyway.) Initially, when I was asked to come to Taiwan for this exercise, I was told that I will have a BIG mission. "You are required to go Taiwan as the Chief Safety Officer, last minute order by the COA (Chief of Army)" No kidding! Not that I know COA personally, rather, he asked for a Chief Safety Officer to be present for the exercise and I was deemed the best man for the job.

However, when I arrived in Taiwan, I found out that the person in charge dun look me too up, as I am too junior is rank. So, he took the responsibility of the job upon himself and I just have to tag along. And Tag Along I did. For the full 4 days of exercise, I just tagged along, waiting from night to day, from day to night. For 3 whole days I waited for nothing to happen. Even if something did happen, it was really none of my business. On the 4th day, yesterday, I decided that I had enough of it. The night before the last attack, I went back to my bunk and sleep.

Slept all the way until this morning when the rest of them came back.

Me: "The attack finish oreadi ah? How did it go?"

Them: "Ya lah, people fight you come back and sleep!"

Oh well, that's the end of that. Now I have another 4 days (excluding R&R) of nothing to do before I come back to S'pore, for another 2 weeks of nothing to do. Basically, this month I'm getting paid 2.6k++ for doing absolutely nothing. SAF should use me to advertise for their recruitment drive.

BTW, anybody wants anything from Taiwan? Heard they got cheap electronic stuff here. I heard the Playstation Portable (PSP) here is only 300SDG. (Singapore is about 500+ I think)


Blogger Maximus said...

get me a taiwan political slut...

7:38 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Dude, what is a Taiwan Political Slut?

9:57 pm  

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