Tuesday, April 05, 2005

11 more days to go

Well, this is officially my 4th day in Taiwan. Still very much the same. Eat, sleep and play internet. Plus read a bit and watch a bit of movies.

Every night, the mess in the camp starts opening at 1900hrs. Then it will start to play some nice movies. So far I have watched Terminator3, Anger Management, Underworld and ... and... I forgot liao. Oh ya, I watched Spongebob on the plane to Taiwan. YEAH!

The lady in the mess is very cute. Got chance I take a photo with her and put it up when I go back. Haha.

Everybody is missing home. You see MSN nicks like "xiang nian singapore" and "Love from Taiwan" and "From Taiwan with love". <= actually that's mine. Haha.


Blogger vandice said...

gambate...come back safe dude...


5:29 am  
Anonymous miche said...

may i know what r u suppose to be actually doing in taiwan?

2:11 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Vandice> Dude, thanks. I hope I come back safe also.

Miche> Sorry babe, I cannot tell you. =)

4:09 pm  

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