Monday, April 04, 2005

Another Zuo Bo Day.

Another day of doing nothing.

Had a hard time getting to sleep last night cos the person beside me snored like a train. Haha. The only highlight for the day is my 5km run. However, the wind is so strong though, that I have to run diagonal to go straight. The route is very scenic but sorry I can't take any pictures to show you.

Other than that I spent a lot of time reading. Just finished a short book call "God's Psychiatry". It is a short but wonderful book about how to live life with God's mindset. Also took some time to fast and pray. Think this is a nice quiet place for devotion and meditation.

The food here is especially starchy and oily. Think I will gain a lot of weight if I dun watch myself. Afterall, most of the time spent here is eating and sleeping.

Still missing home... and Her...


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