Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another Weekend Duty

Nowadays I dun feel like doing weekend duties as much as the last time. Maybe I'm old already, or maybe now that I've got a car, I rather spend the time running around than being cooped by the the ops room of my camp on a sunday.

Weekends should be spent with friends and family. But usually I spend it with friends more. Just now FF tried to convince me to watch a movie with her again. But this time I have to let her down because of my duty.

Few movies that I want to catch:

Kingdom of Heaven. Dunno what is it really about but it looks kinda good.

Guess Who. Because FF says I have to watch. Haha

Coach Carter. This is the movie I have been looking forward to. About a black guy who coaches basketball to a group of black paikia.

Divergence. Because Jade says I have to pay for her ticket. Hahaha.

Star Wars Ep3. Duh.

Sometimes I think I watch too much movies. That's why people like Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks get paid 20million each time they make a movie.

Back to my duty on sunday... Usually, I will bring something to occupy myself for the day so that I will not die of boredom and the guy doing duty the next day will have problem taking over. This time, I brought with me my newly accuired Casino. Can't leave home without it now. Haha. With such playable neck and slim body, its joy enough just to hold it close.

Just realise I only got 200+ left in my bank. Seems like I have been spanding too much this month.

Waiting for my ipod to be delivered...

Want to go home...


Blogger Jayaxe said...

Seems that you can blog while doing duty? Good what! Can spend whole day reading too.

By the way, the movie Sahara is good too, if you're into Indiana Jones type movies, that is.

9:40 pm  
Blogger Dancingpris said...

I prefer to do Sun than Sat duty.
Can go out until very late on Sat
night and sleep throughout the Sun duty. ;p

11:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CONVINCE?!!! You exaggerate!

Actually, I only ask you out on Sunday so you can inspire me to go to the gym before the movie.



8:53 am  
Blogger Maximus said...

when will you pay for my movie and meals?

i checked it out at applecarej ust yesterday. .its impossible for your ipod to have less than 10 gig worth of space.

11:17 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Jayaxe> Thanks, but I dun think I got time to catch all of those shows, plus I'm not really an Indi Jones' fan.

DP> You a regular too?

FF> Dear, dun get so excited... Its just a figure of speech... =) Like what I wrote last week mah...

Anyway, I always wanted to pay for your ticket, but you never allow me...

Maxi> I will pay for all your stuff when you get a vagina.


Anyway, I dun understand your last sentence, but I bought the ipod liao. 30GB wan...

10:05 pm  

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