Monday, July 03, 2006

complain complain.. always complain....

Okok... when I dun blog, people complain. So when people complain, then I blog... so when you see me blog, that means people complain again. Wahaha

I finally got my ukulele!! So happy!! Thanks to Miss 12MustardSeed for the much coverted present. I really like it very much.... Maybe I will post the picture another time.. Very lazy now... I also got a cute soft toy doggie from my Buddy Xie Wei which I like very much also.. Heehee.. (but dun worry, I'm not gay)

Had a really busy weekend (as usual). I spend the whole day playing driver to my cell leader's bridal car for his church wedding on Saturday. I'm driving partly because he is using my dad's car as the bridal car... I have no pictures for this also... All in all, it was a tiring day for the wedding, but very fun lah...

After the wedding, me and a few friends went to watch Superman Returns at Plaza Sing. Usually I'm the one who organise movie outings with my friends, but this is the biggest one I have organised so far. 94 people turned up in total, and we filled more than 60% of the cinema. Quite fun, but very hard to organise the people.. One guy even got lost and went to the wrong cinema.. Wahaha..

All in all, I enjoyed myself at the movie. Superman was quite good I think, despite whatever reviews they gave.

Sat was the church wedding, and sunday was the wedding dinner. So far, I did not have a good impression on Rasa Sentosa (though I did not tell the couple), but last night's even was not so bad, except the waiter keep forgetting the drinks we ordered.

Yesterday's church service was wonderful. The message was simple yet powerful.

Simply love Jesus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was here.One of those who complained u nv update blog. =)

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