Monday, April 25, 2005

What's so good about my post?

Just wondering what is so good about my post that you people keep reading? Usually I just blog about what happens in my life from morning to night, or stuff like I did this today at what time. The fact is, as I look at my blog, I think I have a very boring life. Also, I do not have very in depth observations to current affairs not funny antics to share. So why actually do you read my blog anyway? Nevertheless, I would like take this chance to thank you support in my blog and interest in my life.

Now, back to my boring life...

Lets start from last Sat... Haha, did not blog this earlier cos I could not upload the pictures... Had a wonderful time in church on Sat. Not only was is my friend's baptism, our cell also wore the same T-shirt to church and got everybody talking about it. Wahaha. Picked JH up from her home earlier and she's so afraid people might think that we are a couple. (cos we came together before the others) Cannot take it.

As I was saying, had a lot of fun in cell today. After service, we went to one of the guy's (from our brother cell) house for makan cos he just had a promotion. After that, we went to my place and we sang songs until the cow come home at midnight. But not karaoke song lah... We sang praise and worship songs.

BTW, here's the pic we took outside church that day. Lo and Behold!! And be amazed by our same T-shirt!!!


Hmm.... chatting so much on msn I could not concentrate on this blog... This is like taking me forever to write... BTW, Ningx, you still there? I still waiting for you to add to my msn. My email is Any pretty babes is welcome to add also. Haha.

Then sunday ah... I was on duty lor... What's the ONE number all duty personnel must know? Its the PIZZA NUMBER!!! Or rather the number for ordering pizzas. Wahaha. Especially for those doing duty on weekend... We order Canadian Pizza cos its 2 for 1 so its cheaper that way...


Today was the end of course for some of my guys so I went over to attend the graduation ceremony. If not, I wouldn't have worn uniform this week. YES! Another week of OFF! Then after that, my Grand Master came over to my place and teach me how to play the guitar. He is such a pro man. He taught me how to play (correctly) the classical piece Romance De Armor (sorry I dun have the mp3) and now he is teaching my how to play Classical Gas. Really cool and impressive song to play, but also very hard to master.


And now, I am blogging about my boring life before I sleep... ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i read your blog cos you update often. :)


10:18 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Not as often as you babe. anyway, Why do you have to post as Anon nowadays? You can just go to others and type ur name there mah...

10:20 am  
Blogger jettykey said...

It's probably not so much the writing as the personality beneath the writing.

2:58 am  
Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Erm...we keep on checking to see if anything happening will happen out of the blue? No fun reading those blog that are always happening, too predictable. Kekeke..

12:45 am  

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