Friday, April 29, 2005

Meeting Cindy

Met The Cindy yesterday! (Read her version of the story here) I think the last time I saw her was during her convocation one and half years back. Heehee. She still looks as good as ever, in fact, even better.

Cindy works in this place at IBP Jurong, which is very near to where FF works. But on my way there, I got really lost on in the place that I made 4 illegal U-turns while looking for her. In fact, I even went against traffic for a good hundred metres on Jurong Town Hall Rd. Haha. Yes, I'm a loster- I always get lost when I'm driving to a place for the 1st time.

Finally met Cindy after 30minutes of wondering in wilderness. We drove to Jurong Point where we had dinner at Mac. I have no idea why she thinks I eat Mac all the time. Maybe it is because I was the star of Super-Size Me. Anyway, I was feeling very poor yesterday so she treated me dinner. Heehee. Girls always treat me dinner.

After dinner she took me to this lingere shop at JP. I decided that light green is my favourite colour for a bra, non lacy and minimal ... er... pattern. I dunno why we went there though... We just walked a while inside then we came out. Maybe she did not find what she want...

After everything I drove her home at about 10pm. And after that I got lost (again!) and drove around her estate twice. Haha. Here's a picture of her (edited upon her request such that people cannot recognise her...)


Eh... Amuse, she's not the "sweet, sweet, small small, slim slim, demure smile kind" right? Heehee. Or maybe you can't tell cos I blocked out her face... Haha. Never mind. Can read what I think of her here.

After our hot date I went to play mahjong with my brudders. And won 60bucks... Haha. Am so tired now... Going back to sleep again...


Anonymous aMuse said...

You kidding? Even without face can tell she slim slim, small small wan ... bet she even has a demure smile *heh*. Plus you say she very sweet :P So in The Cindy's own words, she's a **drumrol** shu-nu too *MWAHAHA*

2:05 pm  

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