Friday, April 29, 2005

Lord of the Dance

Today's the Day!! I have been waiting for this day for the past 2 months now and it is finally here! Wahaha! Today is the day which I go to watch Lord of the Dance.

Actually, about 2 month ago, I started asking people if anybody is interested to watch Lord of the Dance with me. But everybody's response is the same: ticket too expensive liao. So, after a complete failure in getting people to watch the show with me, I decided to go ahead and buy the tickets, and worry about the getting people part later. In the end, I realised that nobody is as rich as myself and is willing to pay $125 for the ticket so I offered it free to anybody who wants to watch it with me.

The 1st to response is Miss Car. Miss Car was a friend of mine whom I know in my NUS CCA. The last time I saw her was about 2 years ago. We have been trying to meet up for some time now but were always unsuccessful. But this time she responded to my invitation 1st and so I decided to let her have the ticket and we can go together. We met for a quickie dinner and Plaza Sing's Swenson's before proceeding to Kallang Theater for the show.

This is the 1st time I stepped into Kallang Theater and the 1st time I went for any musical or play. I must say, I enjoyed myself tremendously. There is a lot of ballet and tap dancing and violin playing in the 2 hours show. It was great! Well worth the $250 I forked out. I loved the tap dancing there. It is so explosive! I think the 1st time I saw tap dancing was in Sesame Street. Heehee. Too bad I never had the chance to take it up. I love violin too. But not very much into ballet though.

Here's a picture of my and Car at Kallang Theater, after the show. Think nowadays I always go out with pretty girls everyday and post their pictures in my blog. Hmm....


Amuse> How? Is she the small small, sweet sweet kind also? Haha.


Blogger Gabrielle said...

haha you have weakness for small small sweet sweet girls ah.. hai.. why guys like these one ah... why cannot fat fat? or more than anything, you all want sweet, spunky, hot, sexy, intelligent, blah blah....

ALL must boil down to
1) Pretty
2) Relatively good figure

fufill these two criteria then the rest all ok.


8:28 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Eh... Ha. I have a weakness for all pretty girls.

Actually dun have to be pretty lah. Just not ugly looking and not fat can liao...

9:20 am  
Anonymous aMuse said...

Gabrielle> why you sigh? If the girl in your photos is you, then it seems you quite in the pretty/relatively good figure category wor ... :)

GJ> Car looks quite shu-nu though. definitely pretty. Beauty quite subjective I guess. But according to your criteria, and the kind of girls you've been posting,your definition of fat seems quite strict. Careful ... don't let the right one slip you by cos of looks ;)

11:20 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Amuse> Personally, I think Car is prettier in person. Haha. You are right. I have a big weakness for girls with small waist. And I'm talking about the region of 24" and around.

And I think Princess Gab is a real babe too! Very pretty and very good figure (judging from her photo only) Haha.

11:57 am  

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